Louis Vuitton Monogram Giant Reverse Onthego GM M44576

Model: Louis Vuitton M44576

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Louis Vuitton Onthego GM M44576   


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Usability Functionality

The Onthego is a big tote, and as such, it is super functional for me and my lifestyle. If you need a big bag and carry a lot with you on a day to day basis, this bag is for you. The Onthego would also be an excellent travel bag, particularly for long flights or road trips. The coated canvas is very lightweight, so the bag doesn’t get weighed down even when it’s full.

I own the GM size of the Onthego, which is quite spacious with measurements of 16.14L x 13.39H x 7.48W inches. Louis Vuitton recently introduced the Onthego tote in a MM size, with smaller measurements to its GM sister bag (13.4L x 10.2H x 5.1W inches).

Personally, I like the large monogram and perhaps it is "trendy", but I don't care. I carry bags for myself and I'm sure ppl will comment about the "ugliness" of the large monogram, but to each their own. I love it and the rest is noise. Anyway, continue to enjoy your tote, your joy and excitement is palpable!


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